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iStretch is a series of office yoga exercise videos specifically designed to stretch muscles that tend to become stiff and sore due to immobility or repetitive movement, such as excessive typing or mouse use.

Most people only stretch before and after exercise, but stretching is a simple and natural treatment to counteract the bodily damage caused by long periods of sitting at your desk, travelling on a long flight, or repeating the same motion over and over.

Only five minutes with iStretch every day will relieve lower back pain, neck stiffness, shoulder tension, as well as wrist, arm and leg soreness. You will burn fat, enjoy increased blood flow, alleviate headaches and reduce stress while allowing stored up toxins to be purged from your body, leading to a more comfortable, healthier you.

In the iStretch video series, Certified Fitness Professional instructor, Jen, takes you through a series of stretches that are simple to follow, easy to do, and can be done anywhere at any time. She’ll make sure you are using proper stretching techniques and that you don’t forget to breathe.

iStretch is the perfect pocket companion for today’s stressful world.

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National Post
Travel Stretch App Article
"iStretch... video series is simple, pared down and easy to follow... Instruction is clear and concise... so that you know exactly what's expected of you. Add this to a couple laps around the plane between movies, and flying will feel a whole lot easier."
Sit and Be Fit with Online Apps
"iStretch [is] a simple but easy-to-use program of stretches you can do in your chair, without garnering too many incredulous looks from your cubicle mates. The nice thing about an app is that... the videos are short and manageable"
6 Useful Apps to Stay Healthy Year Round
"series of office yoga exercises… precisely carved out to stretch muscles… With the help of this application you would able to burn out fat, having increase in blood flow, alleviate headaches and reduce stress."

University of California, Berkeley
User Interface Design Evaluation
"iStretch is easy to use. It also has cheerful and neat interface, which is compelling to iPhone or IPod Touch’s users... Out of all apps, I personally like iStretch the most."

User Feedback
Linda S.
"…video quality is great and sound is clear… [iStretch] has great stretching videos and very simple stretches to perform sitting at my desk. It will be great during the work week to take a few minutes to stretch and get re-focused and refreshed. I’m going to recommend this application to our ergonomist…"

iTunes App Store
Cool App! *****
"Love it!"

Coolest Application *****

"iStretch is extremely helpful. I am chained to my desk and this app allows me to take care of my joints while working. I even use some of the stretches when I'm out and about."

Fantastic App *****

"Amazing how something so simple can have such a positive impact... Well worth the price, I may even skip my yoga classes..."
iStretch *****
"It seems simple, but it works!! Who knew we did so much damage to our bodies on a daily basis - even when we are just working at desk. Since I started these stretches I’ve noticed a pronounced difference, primarily in my energy level. Easy to follow, well explained, and effective - I would recommend this app to anyone."
Fantastic *****
"Fantastic! I am a writer and spend the majority of my day at a computer. I can't believe how great I felt after doing these stretches. I didn't know how important breathing was. What a difference. The instructor is great too!"
i Love It *****
"Awesome App! Well done. Great Value. It's a mini workout you can do at your desk. The best $0.99 you'll spend."

Amazingly Simple But Effective *****
"Hi, I'm a film and video editor who spends tons of time every day hunched over a desk. This App is AMAZING! I really never thought some simple stretches could make much of a difference (especially since I play a lot of sports and do exercise) but I have tried these stretches every day for 4 days now and I have lost the back pain, neck pain and slight headaches I was getting pretty much daily! I feel so much better by the end of each day now thanks to the App."